Don’t Get Conned By Your Contractor

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June 19, 2018
Julian And Young
July 3, 2018
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Don’t Get Conned By Your Contractor

Hurricane Irma was a devastating storm for many Florida residents and many homeowners suffered sizeable property damage. Desmond Dasrat of Tampa suffered roof damage from the hurricane and hired a contractor to fix it. After paying an initial deposit of $2000, Desmond says his contractor stopped communicating with him and failed to pull the appropriate permits to fix his roof. According to Florida statute Title: XXXII Chapter 489.126 clearly states that if a contractor accepts an initial payment worth more than 10% of the total contracted repair cost, the contractor must apply for the necessary permits to do the work within 30 days of receiving the payment or start work within 90 days. To find out what exactly was going on, Desmond contacted ABC Action News to investigate. After Desmond contacted ABC Action News, the contracting company said they were busy with lots of other clients which led to a delay and that they would promptly supply him with a refund. A week later, Desmond still hadn’t seen his roof fixed or his refund. If you are in a similar situation and can’t get your contractor to do the work you paid for or can’t get a refund, contact Young’s Law Firm for a legal consultation.

Source: Jackie Callaway; ABC Action News

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Julian Sweeney; Young’s Law Firm Legal Assistant

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