Recognize Your TCPA Rights!

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June 18, 2018
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June 26, 2018
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Recognize Your TCPA Rights!

Millions of people are struggling with student loan debt. The only thing worse than having debt is constantly being bugged about it and being reminded that you need to pay it. Debt collection companies are doing just that and calling people about their debt hundreds of times a month! In addition to calling that person, these debt collection companies are also calling friends, family members, and even in-laws.  This only adds to the stress people already have.

The Telephone Consumer Protection Act or TCPA specifically prohibits telemarketers and debt collectors alike from calling you without consent and places a limit on the number of times they are allowed to call you. If you find you are getting numerous phone calls from a debt collector and they won’t stop, you are able to file a lawsuit and win up to $1,500 per phone call you receive after revoking consent!

If you have questions or need assistance filing a suit, contact Young’s Law Firm!

Source: Ann Carrns; NY Times

Written By:

Julian Sweeney; Young’s Law Firm Legal Assistant

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