Big Company Collusion

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June 11, 2018
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June 14, 2018
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Big Company Collusion

In 2002, Angie Reidel was rear-ended and turned to the people who she trusted the most in that situation, her insurance company. When Angie turned to her insurance company for help, they referred her to a “trusted” auto repair shop that promised quality work. A year later, Angie was watching the news and heard that the same exact auto repair shop that “fixed” her car a year earlier was being charged with fraud and substandard work. Angie then contacted the Bureau of Auto Repair and they came to inspect her car. The Bureau concluded that Angie’s roof and car frame had not been repaired, leaving the car in dangerous driving conditions. The repair shop that Angie’s insurance company recommended was producing substandard work. They were doing only enough to make the damages unnoticeable but not enough that the passengers in the car were in no danger every time they stepped in the car. According to several other repair shops, insurance companies bully consumers into going to repair shops that they contract with by refusing to pay for repairs from outside repair shops. When asked about the investigation of the repair shop, an insurance industry representative said that if insurance companies didn’t send clients to repair shops, the price of auto insurance would most likely double. Because insurance companies are sending large amounts of business to these repair shops, the shops feel that they don’t have to continue doing quality work because they are getting more business than they would if they weren’t partnered with the insurance company. This is just one instance of big companies trying to take advantage of the consumer on a daily basis. At Young’s Law Firm we will stand by you at every step of the way and help you fight the injustices that are placed on you.

Source: CBS News; Jaime Holguin

Written By:

Julian Sweeney; Young’s Law Firm Legal Assistant

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  1. Kelle Tallman Laws says:

    What A Shame That Someone Out There,
    Some Group Of Very Strange People Have Such A Strong Driving Need To Destroy Mankind, To Enslave And Humliate,
    And Teach Us All To Believe That We
    Have No Value And We Don’t Matter..

    Angie Riedel
    Anahata ❤

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